Here it is at last…

Well here it is at last – a place to let the world know exactly what I think of it… and my first post. Really this is just a way of getting something up there so I can test my view and page works!!!

This site you are looking at is running off a system called Drupal – a high end Content management System (CMS). Once upon a time it was Zikula that was my preferred system – and I still think it is pretty good – but since the release of Drupal 7, everything has changed. Drupal 7 is fantastic. Easy to use. And Very Very powerful.

What’s more is that Drupal comes with many services and add-ons that make it even better. Barracuda is a system to help servers run multiple Drupal system. This web site is being run on Barracuda as we speak. Lightning fast!!! Regular automagic backups. Migratrion and update management. It definitely has the edge. But more on that latter …. maybe.

Enough for now.

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