Gerrard Discovers Continual Development

“Continual Development” is the concept where by you are always working on your web site – making many small improvement and sending them to the production site as soon as they are completed. This is opposed to the old approach of sending many changes up in defined versions. As a developer comes across a part of the code they can fix or make better – they do, and immediately make those changes live. And in working like this, it is usual to say that in the course of a year or so, you would have completely re-written your entire program.

Enter Gerrard.

I have heard that Continual Development is good. I want Continual Development implemented on my web sites. With Continual Development, you re-write your product every 12 month. I has been more than 12 months since we released our product – therefore, I want you to completely re-write it from scratch.


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