Cost cutting when things are working

I came across an interesting article that talks about IT Costs getting cut when things are working – When IT Ops is a victim of its own competence. The fundamental opinion here is that when people do not understand a system, they think that because there are no issues, they do not need to spend the same budget on that area.

They miss the point that there are no issues, because they have the budget there – and the people working to make sure the issues do not occur.

I came across this same issue MANY times working on the doors of night clubs. There was an obvious 18 month cycle in which we would take a club that was in trouble and clean it up. After 12 months the number of incidents would have dropped to nearly zero and the manager would look around. “Hey, there are no fights – lets cut back on security” …. but there are no fights, because of the security. Cut it back and you don’t have enough resources to do the job properly. The result, more negative incidents. Time to move one to the next club for the next 18 months. Mean while, the old club would fall apart and within 6 months be back to where it was before we started.

It’s the same story, different industry.

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