Gerrardism MySQL

MySQL is NOT a Relational Model Database

I was listening once to two programmers talk about MySQL. Both had taken the job in smaller business to get more “hands on” and “big picture” to developing high end web sites. They had both worked on big sites before – but only on a very small component. They where talking about MySQL and referred to it as being a Relational Model Database (RMDBS). It is not!

Well, not in it normal form. And definitely not in they we had implemented it.

To be a Relational Model Database, the database must enforce relations – referential integrity. Obvious really.

Yes, the data was relational. This customer has these orders and bought these products. But you could put what ever value you wanted in a foreign key, or delete a primary key that had dependents, without consequence.

Microsoft Excel, or any other spread sheet program, could have stored the same data in the same way. Rows and Columns.

Relational Data does mean your database is Relational.

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