Add a ‘List’ tab on a node to take you back to a list of records

I have a content type called “Personal Links” that have a list of URLs that I want to store – bookmarks. I also have a view that lists this links where the current user is the creator.

What I want is that when I am looking at the details page or edit page for a personal link, I have the option of a “List” tab that takes me back to the list of all my links.

I do this with Page manager

  • Content – Pages – Add Custom Page

    • Enter a useful Title and Description
    • Path = “node/%node/list”
    • Varient Type = “HTTP Response Code”
    • Check “Visible Menu Item”
    • Check “Selection Rules”
  • Add a Menu

    • Menu Type = “Menu Tab”
    • Title = “List”
    • Weight = -10
  • Add a Response Code

    • Type = “301 Redirect”
    • Path = path to your view
  • Add a Selection Rule

    • Node Type = “Personal Link”


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