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Using AWS SDK for PHP

So I want to divide the raw data being collected in my current project from the administrative data. The situation is there will be thousands of small devices gathering data and sending that back to a data repository. A series of polling servers will request (“pull”) data from the dumber of the devices and place them in this database. The smarter devices will “push” straight to an “API” server that then does the same. There is going to be a massive amount of data and I don’t want the front end site slowed down.

Enter Amazons Simple Database. A distributed database system that essential is a glorified Entity-Attribute-Value (EAV) database. But it means I can just keep pushing data in to it. It will grow and I pay for what ever I use.

It is accessed from with the Amazon AWS SDK for PHP kit. Simply edit the config file and include the SDK.

include ("awssdk/sdk.class.php");

There is also a Drupal Module (awssdk) that loads the library if you are working in the Drupal framework. To use, simple add


The usage is the same from now on. First, create an instance. By default this is in Virginia, but I want to use Tokyo as it is quicker to Australia (see

$sdb = new AmazonSDB();
$sdb -> set_hostname('');

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