DynDNS.org removes free accounts

DynDNS.org have removed their free accounts. When? I’m not sure as I don’t use this system often.

But I came across a device – a controller for measuring power generated by Solar Panel Microinverters – that has a dynamic DNS option ….. but only offers connectivity with DynDNS! This use to be free and all was good. But now you need to purchase an account. The problem is that the hardware device is locked down to only allow DynDNS.org and you can’t use one of the other Dynamic DNS options (like no-ip.com).

Apparently there is still a way to get a free account. You must apply for the 14-day Trial for their Pro account. Enter your credit card details. And then cancel the account before the Trial is over. As a “thank you”, you can keep the account with a single hostname. But you have entered you Credit Card details!!! Maybe we all need another Credit Card with zero credit – so no money is at risk.

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