Creating a FaceBook Fan Page with a Custom Landing Page

We want our own FaceBook page – of the form – and we want to have a nice HTML displayed on the default or landing page when people visit. The big problem here is that FaceBook change how this works every couple or weeks!

Step 1: Creating the Fan Page is the easy part.

  1. Login into your own personal FaceBook Account
  2. Click the “Add Page” button
  3. Fill out the info and save

That’s it…. your done. You might also add other people as admins if you like.

Step 2: Custom URL

Getting your own custom URL requires a few people to “like” your page first. I should mention at this point that I made a few of these over a few weeks and the requirements changed during this time. But generally,

  1. Select the “Fan Page” you wish to manage as you current profile
  2. Edit Page and Basic Information (
  3. You can then Create a Username – this is essentially the custom URL.

Last time I looked, there was a minimum number of Likes required for your page before you can get a username.

Step 3: Create an App for your Page.

  2. Click on Apps
  3. You will be asked to change to your primary profile. You need to do this and then later assign the App to the required Fan Page. FaceBook required all apps to be owned by real people.
  4. Click on Create a New App
  5. A popup will appear
  6. Enter the Name for your App and follow the prompts
  7. You will need to enter the URL to be displayed – in this case you may want to have a 520px wide specially designed page on your domain name. This will be displayed inside an iFrame embedded into your FaceBook landing page.
  8. At the top of this page will be your Apps ID – you will need this to continue.

Step 4: Assign this App to your Fan Page

So here is the tricky part – you need to link to a hidden FaceBook URL. Replace the 3000… with your own App ID from above.

You will need to choose which Fan Page to link to, etc…

Step 5: Make this the default or landing page

Back to your fan page,


The only thing not covered is making a landing page on your website. This needs to be a blank 520px wide page.

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