Install s3fs on Ubuntu from SVN

s3fs mounts an Amazon AWS S3 bucket into your files system as a directory. This is fantastic for backup folders – backups are automagically off-site. Here is a better way of installing s3FS using SVN. Install Pre-requisites apt-get install build-essential libfuse-dev fuse-utils libcurl4-openssl-dev libxml2-dev mime-support Install s3fs svn checkout s3fsbr>cd s3fs/ autoreconf –install ./configure […]

Installing s3sync

s3sync is a ruby based software that synchronises files from a local computer to/from Amazons S3 service. s3sync requires ruby. yum install ruby The easy solution now is to just install the gem gem install s3sync However, this sometimes does not work and you need to do it the long way… Run these commands wget […]

Backup all MySQL Databases to S3

Here is a simple script that backs up all accessible databases and sends them to an S3 bucket with the date as a prefix. username=”xxx” password=”xxx” backuppath=”/home/backup/” s3bucket=”xxx” s3prefix=\`date “+%Y/%m/%d”\` s3path=”xxx” # Amazon Keys export AWS\_ACCESS\_KEY_ID=xxx export AWS\_SECRET\_ACCESS_KEY=xxx # Make the backup path if it is not there if [ ! -d $backuppath ] then […]