chown to current cPanel user by path

Use this script file to chown into the cPanel user defined by the path. #!/bin/bash THISUSER=`pwd | cut -d’/’ -f 3` echo echo CHOWN all files to $THISUSER; echo find -exec chown $THISUSER:$THISUSER {} \; chown :nobody /home/$THISUSER/public_html For example, if the path is /home/username/this/file path, this will chown username. Notice that the /home/username/public_html folder […]

Set up a server to auto login with authorized_keys

You need to create your keys and store them in your personal .ssh folder. cd ~/.ssh ssh-keygen -f filename -C ‘Some comment’ -N ” -t rsa -q You will have two files; id_rsa It is the .pub file that you need to copy to the same folder on the target server. scp ~/.ssh/ server:~/.ssh/authorized_keys […]