Unlock IP on CPHULK

You have managed to lock yourself out of the WHM interface – but still have SSH to your server. You need to clear the IP address out of the black listed IPs This will clear all banned IPs mysql connect cphulkd delete from brutes; delete from logins; You can see a list of locked IPs using these commands select IP, BRUTETIME from brutes order by BRUTETIME; select IP, LOGINTIME FROM logins order by LOGINTIME; There…

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cPanel DNS

cPanel/WHM DNS File Location

cPanel/WHM use bind (or named) for the Local DNS server. This is a record for where to send email, what sub-domains exist and which IP Address to use to see the content of your web site. The DNS information about each domain name is stored in the /var/named folder. Note: If you edit a file directly, make sure you also synchronise the changes to clustered DNS Servers from within the WHM,

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AWS cPanel

Create a Post-Backup script for WHM to S3

This technique has been superseded by the new cPanel/WHM backup tool. The process is still interesting in that it shows you how to create hooks, but is no longer needed since it function is now built in. If you have a WHM/cPanel based server, then you probably already have a daily backup running that keeps daily, weekly and monthly backups in another folder. But this does not help if the server disappears – you also…

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