Boiling Frogs

I found this little snippet…. The pace of disruptive change is increasing, from the rise of cloud technology, social business, the Internet of Things and others. We feel it as much as other government departments and so we offer this internal research paper publicly, not to present policy or guidelines, but to stimulate debate. So […]

Psychological Conditions

From The Daily Reckoning… Here are a couple of psychological conditions that relate to investing: Metacognition: The less competent you are at a task, the more likely you are to overestimate your ability to accomplish it well. Competence in a given field actually weakens self-confidence. Dunning Kruger Effect: Dunning Kruger is a cognitive bias in […]

Why You Think You’re Never Wrong (and What to Do About It)

Here is an interesting article I found on Life Hacker. Once an idea enters your mind it’s hard to get rid of it. Even after you’ve been proven wrong and know that you are, your brain is wired to stick with the original information. It even influences you subconsciously. This makes it exceptionally difficult to […]

Not My Fault!

The blame game is an interesting topic to examine – It leads to some very interesting conclusions. Generally speaking, there are two types of reactions to a problem. “How can we fix it” or “It wasn’t my fault”. Several years ago I was reading and article that was talking about the later of these – […]

Worst Is Best

In the development process, it can be easy to get caught up with the “ultimate” or “best” solution. However, striving for perfection can lead to ever changing goal posts. Sometimes the worst solution is the best. What ever gets the job done and working now! You can always come back and “fix” the solution if […]

Yak Shaving

Yak Shaving is when, to complete a task, another task is required first, and then another before that, ad-finitum. Such that the chain of things needed to do to complete the original task becomes unmanageble. For example; I want a cup of coffee. But I have no milk. I can get some milk from Mike, […]